Keep Sublime Text 3’s replace panel open after replacing all elements

By default, if you open the replace panel (Ctrl+H) enter search and replace patterns and click Replace All button or hit Ctrl+Alt+Enter, replace panel will be hidden. This is very annoing to many users. However, there’s a partial solution to this problem.

This is tested only in Sublime Text 3, but should work in Sublime Text 2 as well:

  1. Select Preferences > Key Bindings — Default.
  2. Search for ctrl+alt+enter and copy entire block.
  3. Select Preferences > Key Bindings — User.
  4. Paste copied block anywhere and remove , "args": {"close_panel": true} part from it.
  5. Save Key Bindings — User and test it (you don’t need to restart Sublime Text).

Since, you have just modified key binding, then you should remember, that expected behavior will work only if you execute Ctrl+Alt+Enter inside it. If you click Replace All button, the “old” behavior will be applied — i.e. replace text panel will be closed.

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