Puzzle Forge

Just wanted to keep for personal reasons my best scores achieved in my beloved Android game — Puzzle Forge by Tuesday Quest.

The game is so fabulous that it took me one and a half year of playing and caused me loosing a lot of dollars. Fortunately, this went (in most part) for supporting developers of this great game.

And, yes… I also found a nasty bug! :>

Here’s my best (and worse) working day:

If you have enough of good and best working days then you’ll score a good looking high score. The only problem is that it sometimes needs you to have a really messy workplace in order to achieve this.

Sometimes you can do a really good combo in order to gain a lot of gold and even more points. Here you have a 6x combo (the biggest one) with six crystals involved. And one of my best creations in the same time:

A side-effect of playing long game and scoring a lot is of course a completed Armory and Academy:

Finally, the promised bug. Sometimes your forge becomes so overcrowded that game engine has a really big troubles in rendering queue of your customers! :>

And… that would be pretty much all, folks! Happy forging! :>

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