Remove Shared Folders Synchronization from context menu item

There are several ways to get rid of Shared Folders Synchronization item from context menu (right-click menu) in Windows. They all depends on version of your Windows or Microsoft Office (responsible for adding this) and level of your computers skills. This post started as a quick example of removing this nasty context menu item, but ended up as a list of solutions, that you can use to remove many things that may slow down your computer. Consider reading this, even if you don’t have Microsoft Office, but your computer seems to be too slow.

In particular you can:

1. If you have Microsoft Office 2007, click Start > Run, type msconfig, switch to Run tab, uncheck Groove Monitor on list of programs, that are run, when your Windows starts. Finally, restart your computer. You can use this tool to remove many more things, that starts up silently with your Windows init and that are eating valuable resources, slowing down your Windows.

2. Again, if you have Microsoft Office 2007, then start Control Panel and select add/remove item (Add/Remove programs in Windows XP or Vista, Programs and Functions in Windows 7). Find Microsoft Office, click Change, select Microsoft Groove and from its dropdown menu select Not available / Not installed. Click OK to confirm, wait a few seconds and restart computer, if asked to do so.

3. If you have Microsoft Office 2010 installed, then use any of above two methods, but remove or uncheck Microsoft SharePoint Workspace item, which is responsible for adding Shared Folders Synchronization in this version of Office. Again, restart computer, if asked to do so.

4. Use ShellExView. This is a shell extensions manager, a small tool, that let you remove virtually anything from your right-click menu.

5. Use Glary Utilities program from Glarysoft. They claim, that this is number one free, powerful and all-in-one utility for cleaning Windows PC. I’ve never used it, but screenshots and description looks promising. This tool may help you in getting rid of many, many more things that are useless in your system and are only slowing it down.

That would be all methods known to me.

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