Xexun TK102 GPS tracker master password reset

Many sellers will tell you, that if you forget your master password (if you change it ever from default 123456, as you should do), then you’re deep in black ass, and the only option for you, is to send tracker to them or to the producer, to reinstall (re-flash) original firmware. This is lie in most cases and probably it is aimed to fool people paying extra money for reseting tracker, they can easily reset themselves. Here is how.

In most cases, you can send your tracker simple command FORMAT123456 to reset it to factory defaults. You should receive confirmation FORMAT123456 ok! and then you should be able to use BEGIN123456 command and start over all setup from the very begin.

Note: You can use just the FORMAT command (and receive reply FORMAT ok!) as this particular command doesn’t require any password in case of many GPS trackers.

As you may read in this forum thread and on this website, if you have a clone of original Xexun TK102 tracker, you may be forced to use other resetting command, i.e.: RESTART123456, REBOOT123456 or WDTTEST123456. In case of my tracker, none of them worked. Only first one (FORMAT or FORMAT123456) as successful.

If you send any resetting command and receive successful confirmation, but after sending BEGIN123456 right after, you’re still getting BEGIN123456 fail! reply, then you need to do hardware reset of this device.

This is done, by following these steps:

  • turn-off device — press On/Off button and hold it until diode starts flashing very quickly and then goes off,
  • remove battery, wait at least 30 seconds,
  • go outside any building, stay in clear area (important!),
  • install battery again,
  • if your model starts-up automatically after you install battery, force to turn it off again,
  • turn device on — press On/Off button and hold it until diode starts flashing very quickly,
  • stop holding the button, when diode starts flashing slowly (around once per 4 seconds),
  • wait at least one minute for GPS fix.

Only then, after completing all these steps, initiate localizer with BEGIN123456.

If, after that you’re still receiving BEGIN123456 fail!, then your localizer is malfunctioning. You really need to perform firmaware update in that case.

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    1. admin

      Sorry — can’t help. Four and a half years old post. I’ve stopped using Xexun trackers (in favor of using old mobile phones instead) about four years ago. Sorry.

      1. Juan Pablo

        No problema, it was just a comment, as a matter of fact, never replied anything after commands as format, restart, etc. Thank you for answering

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