Searching using Chrome omnibox

Adding a omnibox shortcut to quickly search some site or language reference isn’t a hard task and it is discussed in thousand of blogs. However, by accident I have found something better — an ultimate solution to PHP shit-littering and cretinism.

I’m using Chrome so I defined myself a search to repository quickly accessible from omnibox (similar can be achieved in all modern browsers):

I gave it a p shortcut, so now all I have to do is to enter p into omnibox (address bar), hit space, write function name, I’m looking for and hit enter.

The real problem was, that PHP is the most shitful language in entire IT world, which has function names defined both with underscore (i.e. is_file) and without it (i.e. gettype). And, as one of Murphy’s rules probably claims, most time I’m writing it incorrectly — with underscore, when I should omit it and without it, if it is necessary.

Today I accidentially found solution even for this problem. You can write function name’s parts separated with space and search will handle that. So, writing both p is file and p get type in Chrome omnibox will work and will lead you to proper manual page.

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