A quick overview of Kindle Collection Manager [updated]

There are many 3rd party applications to manage your Kindle devices. After trying a few of them (yes, Calibre sucks the most!), I felt in love with Kindle Collection Manager. This article gives an outline of my reasoning plus provides some thoughts on the program itself.

My reasons are quite simple. It is:

  • small & compact (one .exe file, few controls on toolbar),
  • very easy to learn and use,
  • bundled with fabulous one-click sync button to auto-converts your even complex structure into Kindle collections.

Compare first to Calibre. It is so huge, slow cow! It has hundreds of features, completely useless to most users. And it can’t even manage your Kindle collections by itself, you have to install additional plugin for this purpose.

I’m just a mere, simple Kindle user. I’m not interested in all those hacks or rooting stuff. So, my knowledge about this device is very limited. Thanks to Kindle Collection Manager I was at least enlighten how to reboot my Kindle (required after each collection update done by Kindle Collection Manager).

For those, who don’t know this and don’t plan to install Kindle Collection Manager, here is a tip: press “Menu”, go to “Settings” and while being there, press “Menu” again to get extra cookies.

Only, please, don’t be a complete moron and select reset only menu item. Do not reset and restore your device back to factory settings, OK?

Update: As of September 2016, the kindlecollectionmanager.com is no longer accessible and you should use http://www.colegate.net/kindlecollectionmanager/ URL instead for downloading Kindle Collection Manager.

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