Company organization chart

I was searching for good looking (nice graphic) and fine organized (modern structure) company organization chart. I found one at and wanted to share some thoughts on this topic.

Here is a link to source of above mentioned chart, where you can download (free!) an Excel 2007+ document containing eleven different charts like this. There are various types of charts, you can use directly from this Excel sheet. You have five purely, strict company organization charts, two project-oriented company charts, one chart for structure of a non-profit organization and three for organization of school or other educational body.

These charts are not only good looking. Which is very important, at least for me, because most that I found using Google Graphic search were looking so ugly, like would be drawn ten or even twenty years ago. What is even more important for me, these charts are fine organized, i.e. propose modern company or project structure. As most others I found were either too strict (oriented on a specific type of company like mining or hardware producer) is planned in the way, I would call “old mood”.

So, this document (site) let me not only draw a nice, modern looking company organization chart, but also was a source of tips for me, how to revise currently have organization tree (for planned project) to change some small things and give it a “modern feeling”.

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