The fastest way to download whole page

The fastest way to get whole page or FTP directory contents is to use wget like this:

[code language=”shell”]
wget -r " The Sheep (high res) – Series 1 and 2/"

However, this may not work always, if destination is secured by password or requires login.

In this situation you may consider rsync…

…like this:

[code language=”shell”]
/usr/bin/rsync –archive –delete –whole-file –verbose –human-readable –cvs-exclude
–log-file=/share/Qsys/maciek.log " The Sheep (high res) –
Series 1 and 2/" /share/Qsys/maciek

But keep in mind that either I messed up something in above or this does not work for anonymous logins. Even if server allows this kind of users, rsync always asks for the password and fails to accept it, when it is empty or when you provide e-mail address (usually required for anonymous users).

I had to use first method to get whole directory on FTP server, where I was told to use anonymous users.

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