What Agile is NOT?

If you ask Google on what is agile software development you’ll find thousands of results. Let’s then turn the table around and say what agile isn’t.

There’s no agile development, if:

  • there is at least one-man team,
  • iterations are longer than 4-6 weeks,
  • development is not started before the analysis is completed,
  • delivered code is not thoroughly tested at the end of each iteration,
  • each iteration does not end with the production version of the application,
  • progress is measured by lines of code or hours, and not by a delivered results.

And the most important — Agile is not a miracle solution to all your problems! You know:

Agile is not the remedy, the magic cure that will solve all the problems. It will only make them so painfully visible that further ignoring them won’t be possible.

Ken Schwaber, a SCRUM’s co-author

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