TortoiseGit asking for password on password-less login setup

After months of uninterrupted password-less work, my TortoiseGit started to ask me for a password on some of my remotes, when pushing / pulling. I’m seeking a solution to fix this, as this can drive me crazy. I haven’t found a good fix so far, so don’t treat this article as an ultimate solution. Nevertheless, […]

Setting up password-less connection in Git Bash or cmd

All right, we’re after Setting up password-less connection in Netbeans and Setting up password-less connection in TortoiseGit, now it is time to do the same in “pure Windows”, that is: to be able to establish password-less connection with any Git-based repository in command-line (both cmd and Git Bash). If you were using your repo in […]

Setting up password-less connection in Netbeans

Following Setting up password-less connection with GitHub in TortoiseGit article, here are tips on how to setup password-less connection between your GitHub account and your local repository operated under Netbeans. The easiest way to setup password-less connection, is to do this on initial GitHub repo clone or pulling. And it will be presented this way, […]

Setting up password-less connection in TortoiseGit

Both mysysgit and TortoiseGit are password-less in the meaning, that they don’t store any passwords. If you want to avoid typing your GitHub login password and over and over again, the only option is to setup password-less login using SSH keys. This article is my personal check-list on how to configure each computer as painlessly […]

The “Couldn’t agree a key algorithm” error in Git for Windows

When trying to perform any authentication-related operation in Git for Windows you may hit the wall with: Couldn’t agree a key algorithm (available: list of available methods) Some people says (here and here for example, but also in many other places) that this is due to your PuTTY not being up-to-date and ordering getting latest […]

Git workflow for modern projects

After four years of a break for doing some management stuff and other non-development tasks I have decided to get back into coding (or at least to start thinking about getting back to it). First thing was to prepare development environment in general and refresh git flow knowledge in particular. This article is a mixture […]

Deploying a PhoneGap application to iTunes (App Store) [updated]

This article was initially written in June 2015 and generally updated 15 months later so you’ll find information and examples as they were available in mid-August 2016. This article deals about deploying PhoneGap application to Apple App Store. Question: Is it possible without having a real Mac computer or using Mac-lease-like service? The quick an […]

A quick introduction to Git for former SVN users

I must admit that there were times, when I loved SVN an thought about Git as useless, hard-to-use, piece of crap. Now, I can’t imagine my life without it. When starting a new job, I found a person with similar thought as my past ones. And I decided to write this simple introduction to try […]

Getting Git to Windows

In my opinion, the best option for former (or concurent) SVN users is to install TortoiseGit. It mimics nearly everything, you had in TortoiseSVN into Git world. Note, that on official TortoiseGit site you’re recommended to install TortoiseGit first, then msysgit. This is conviniend, if you’re Git-only user (details below). If you also use TortoiseSVN, […]