Extremely fast way to download a Twitter video

As a conclusion to this post, here is a world-fastest way to download Twitter video, without need to play with 3rd-party software, online services or digging through Twitter website’s source code. Nice, fast and clean way to grab Twitter-posted videos…

It is surprising, how similar to downloading Facebook video this guide is. You have to follow the same steps, i.e.:

  1. Open mobile version of Facebook video in browser (paste video’s URL to address bar, replacing www part with mobile).
  2. Play the video, right-click it and select Save target as... / Save Link As / Save as etc. from context menu.

That’s all! On contrary to Facebook version, this works for all, you don’t need to be logged into Twitter.

Source for this method is this YouTube video tutorial. It is only 1:32 long, so go ahead, if you need pictures! :]

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