Force macro-enabled documents to not display warning after opening

If you work with macro-enabled documents in Microsoft Office and you run on default settings, each such file will be always opened with macros disabled and you’ll have to click Enable macros each time to enable it. If documents are your own, you trust, that they contain no malicious code and they’re all stored in a secure location (i.e. not in some temporal or shared folder), you can change each Office program settings to have these files always opened with macros enabled.

The easiest way is to add folder with macro-enabled presentations to secure locations in PowerPoint.

To do this:

  1. Click File tab, Options button, Trust Center section and Trust Center Settings button.
  2. Go to Trusted locations section (second) and click on Add new location... button.
  3. Paste (or select) path into Path field and optionally check, that subfolders in this location should also be trusted.
  4. Click OK three times to confirm and close all opened windows. Reopen your macro-enabled document.

From this point on, all documents opened from just added location should not display any warning and should always be opened with macros enabled.

You’ll find much more details on this matter in this support document.

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