Can’t install any application from Google Play

If you’ll ever get some cheap Chinese crap, called tablet, you may face up a strange issue. Though device is most likely equipped with Android 4.0 or newer, it still has old Android Market (not Google Play) installed. Opening Android Market does not perform automatic update to Google Play. And attempt to install any application ends with hang-up. If you’re experiencing this or similar problems, you may find solution here.

On most Android 4.x devices old good Android Market should be long time gone. It should be replaced with updated Google Play out-of-the-box or in worst scenario, it should auto-update itself to Google Play after first opening of Android Market. If nothing of this happens, then be sure, that you’ve got really crappy Chinese shit. If you paid for it more than 100 USD, you’re looser.

Anyway, keep in mind, that the fact, that Android Market hangs-up itself, when you open any application details, before you actually manage to tap Install, isn’t wrong itself. Android Market is too old and is not compatible with new format of Google’s Android applications store (Google Play). So, the problem is not in Google (this time), but somewhere around Chinese engineers that managed to bring you Android 4.x based device without Google Play on board.

All right. Let’s get to work on fix this. These are steps, that I figured out to solve problem with my tablet:

1. Turn on Android Market on your device and leave it open on the main page (it doesn’t hang there until you open some app’s details) for a time period long enough, so your device will manage to self-register with Google Play and your account.

2. Open Google Play website and use it to request installation of any application. Website will confirm that application will be installed within minutes on selected device, but your Android Market on device will most likely fail to receive request and install it.

3. On device, open up Android Market and browse to My application section. You should see application, you’ve ordered to be installed, on list with application failed to install.

4. Tap this application and display its details. Tap to install it. Android Market shouldn’t hang on it.

5. After installation of your first application, Android Market should be updated to Google Play.

6. Open Google Play and check, if you can display any application’s details without hanging up the service.

If, after opening Google Play, you see never-ending loading spinner, go back to home screen and perform full device restart. Now, you should be able use Google Play and install new applications.

If, after opening some application details, updated Google Play is hanging-up again, then the only solution is to install applications via webpage, by requesting Google Play to self-install particular application on your selected device. This may by not so comfortable (on the other hand, who knows — browsing Google Play with mouse and keyboard can be faster and easier), but at least after update from Android Market to Google Play, your device will be able to receive requests from Google Play website and auto-install applications this way.

In solving these issues it is essential to use web browser installed on some desktop computer or on some other mobile device, not on the one, where you’re experiencing above mentioned problems. If you run Google Play webpage on the very same device, you’ll most likely be redirected to Android Market / Google Play service, which will most likely hang.

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