Downloading .torrent files from The Pirates Bay

As it was announced on 29 February 2012, The Pirates Bay has stopped serving .torrent files, switching entirely to magnet-links. Reasons for that are unclear and arguments, that it will not cause much troubles, are weak as per me.

So I’m pretty happy that someone has discovered a very easy work-around for this problem.

The Pirates Bay’s admins actually haven’t stopped serving .torrent files. They only made links to them invisible. You can still access them without any problems, with a slight modifications to your URL.

If you’re URL looks like this:

then you just have to change it to:

In other words: cut-off torrent subdirectory (part) from URL, and place it both in the beginning of URL (subdomain), with s at the end, and in the end of URL (file extension) with . (dot) in the beginning.

For example, if you would like to download “Cloud Atlas” movie and you have this link:

Then simply change it to:

This should work under any Pirates Bay’s domain (since they’ve changing it a lot recently), as long as they continue to server these links under torrents subdomain.

Since many modern browsers are hiding http:// part from URL, this is even more easier to achieve.

Source of this trick:

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