Correcting code completion in NetBeans

General code completion in NetBeans works quite good (expect for its speed), but since NetBeans was made for Java and has only “added” support for PHP then it has some issues code completion for PHP and for coding in Yii framework it fails nearly completely.

Here you’ll find approach to fix this and make Yii developers using Netbeans life a little bit easier.

Add Yii to project directory

First step is to include Yii folder (if it is outside project directory) in your project. You can achieve this in File > Project properties > PHP Include Path, by adding the Yii framework root path.


  • Yii is your primary framework, so
  • you keep framework folder in separate folder outside project directory (as above) and
  • you are creating many projects

then adding the Yii path to every project can be tedious. In this case Yii path can be added to the “global include path” so that it’s automatically included for every old and new projects.

You can do this in Tools > Options > PHP, by adding Yii path to the Global include path list.

Ignore yiilite.php

This is to to avoid doubled or missing documentation

  • open Tools > Options > Miscellaneous > Files,
  • add in Files Ignored by the IDE the yiilite.php file (it must be added to the front, so string in this field should starts with ^(yiilite.php|CVS|SCCS| after this change),
  • restart NetBeans.

After that quick documentation for methods should be correctly displayed and they should be displayed only once (i.e. comming from main framework folder and not from ignored yiilite.php file).


I’m not using PHPUnit (mainly due to small scale of my project and the fact that properly configuring it is quite hard task). If you want to use it, then these articles may be a good starting point for you:

  1. Tips about setting up testing environment with PHPUnit and Selenium.
  2. More details on manual installation of PHPUnit.

Especially the second one seems as very usable, as automated installation via PEAR fails most of the time.

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