New Outlook’s calendar meeting with default signature

One of many wrongs, fuckups and things that are missing in Microsoft Outlook is the fact that you can’t set default signature for every new calendar meeting invitation, as you’d do for any new email message.

Things gets even worse as you dig through the problem and realize that Outlook developers were stupid enough to force you to design a whole new meeting template instead of just giving you an option to enable or disable this feature (as — again — it works in case of emails).

This guide is a redesigned version of this Stack Overflow answer (or actually this comment).

Here are the steps (if you don’t see Developer tab then go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon and check the checkbox next to Developer to enable it):

  1. Switch Outlook to calendar. Go to Developer tab. Click on Design a Form.
  2. Select Meeting Request <Hidden> item in opened window and hit Open.
  3. Customize new template. Set some values. Paste signature. Etc.
  4. Instead of sending this template make use of Publish button.
  5. Give your template some unique name, like “Invitation with signature“, hit Publish button.

You’re done. You can close template editor ignoring request to save changes (your template is published).

Now you can start a new meeting invitation with your signature. Instead of pressing Ctrl+N as usual, make use of New Items > Custom Forms > <template name>.

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