ISO image locked in Windows 10

After 25+ years of glorious development of Windows, witch-doctors at Microsoft village finally managed to discover that you can mount .iso image as fully-featured drive directly in system and you don’t need extra tools for this purpose:

The same group of maniacs smoked out too much weed and figured out that it will be so cool to not automatically unmount this image during system reset or shutdown.

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My private Windows 10 check-list

I won’t deny. I hate Windows 10 and I hate Microsoft for making Windows 10 the way they made it. And… I hate my company’s IT support for forcing me into using it. But since I was forced to and there was no way avoiding this madness, I made my personal list of things you have to disable, uninstall, tweak up or change in order to make this stupid operating system a little less stupid.

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My private Microsoft Office check-list

Whether it is Office 2010 or 2013 (haven’t tried newer and already forgot about earlier) and whether it is on Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, the set of my preferred configuration options and elements is usually the same. So I decided to write it down here to keep track of it whenever I have to fresh-install Microsoft Office anywhere.

This article covers only configuration of each Office component that I use. For other things that I usually do or change during fresh-install of Office, please, refer to this article.

Notice that Office 2013 under Windows 10 is not the same as Office 2013 under Windows 7. It ships with a completely different configuration and thus many options listed in this article you will have to change only under Windows 10, because under Windows 7 they can be already in designated values.

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Remove garbage from Windows 10

Even after years since initial publication, being mature and stable operating system right now, Windows 10 comes to your computer literally bloated with unnecessary stuff. And you need to clean it up by yourself.

Certain things can be uninstalled “the normal way” (i.e. as easy as going to Add/Remove programs section of Settings and clicking Uninstall next to each of unwanted items). Some other requires more sophisticated moves as some jerks at Microsoft decided that making uninstallation of these as complex and problematic as possible is funny.

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Google Calendar: Quickly edit new event’s details

By an accident I have discovered a handy feature (bug?) in new Google Calendar’s interface:

  1. Point your mouse pointer to desired date and time.
  2. Press left mouse button and then quickly right mouse button.

This will add a new event to your calendar and redirect you directly into editing that new event’s details (without need of moving your mouse toward “More options” button and clicking it).

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